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Our Features:
At InspectionEasy™ we want to make everything easy from choosing a product to using our product. We have several built-in features that will make manufacturing move along at an even quicker smoother pace than your competitors.
NEW EnterEasy® Interface - (Patent Pending)
This user interface takes the predetermined specification and provides the machine operator an easy way to select the appropriate reading. This eliminates the cumbersome nature of data collection at the manufacturing operation. It also provides direct feedback to the operator while he/she is entering the data. This makes him/her aware of any out of tolerance condition and immediate action can be taken to correct the situation.  
High Performance Optical Recognition System
Our optical character recognition system has proven to be superior to many others. We are able to pick up the +/- tolerances along with picking up the GD&T symbols.
This comes as standard part of our system.
Our Creator software is where you will create your inspection points whether they be your first article or in-process inspection. Our IDFCreator™ includes our optical recognition software and many other features you cant find anywhere else. Many people say ours is the easiest to learn and use.
That is why top industry professionals like Don Day are singing the praises of InspectionEasy™ 
Our Poster software is where the inspector or the machine operator is prompted for a measurement. You are able to easily enter measurement data and create reports. Spc charts can be shown for any or all measurement items. Data can be entered automatically or via our EnterEasy interface. Data can be linked to your ERP system lot or workorder. With this system your machine operator is totally aware
of any out of tolerance condition and can take immediate action.
Administration – Keep track of company information and default settings.
Employees – Keep track of employees user rights and access rights for the software modules.
WorkCenter Maintenance – Keep track and schedule machine and equipment maintenance.
Creator – Create inspection plans for part quality control.
Poster – Post data in a live environment to make sure parts are manufactured correctly. Generate reports for customers.
Calibration – Keep track and schedule calibration for measuring machines and measuring equipment.
The Modules included are: