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•Paperless data capture to the production floor. 
•Remarkably easy to use:
     Featuring Our NEW patent pending EnterEasy® 
•Also data can be entered automatically from CMM or usb/serial input instruments. 
•Your customer’s drawings provide the backdrop for each sequenced check point. 
•Only the checks required for a particular operation are overlaid. 
•Live statistics display during production to monitor quality. 
•Reports are generated for customers in common formats such as AS 9102, PDF, etc.
•InspectionEasy™ actually speeds up the process by sequencing work. 
•A "turn green" indicated tells the operator the step that was just completed is within tolerances and can move to the next task.
•If a local workstation loses its network connection, the software automatically starts recording data to the local hard drive and then later automatically synchronizes with the centralized database when the network connection is restored. 
•Provides on-the-fly statistical analysis which keeps your company producing good parts. 
•Waste due to error is almost eliminated.
•Operators are actually looking at customer drawings as they produce and check their output. It doesn't stop there.

That is why top industry professionals like Don Day are singing the praises of InspectionEasy™. He put it this way, "At last, an easy way to create Inspection Plans and incorporate the part print. The standards are clear that the intent of the drawing is to capture “design intent”.  Thank you for providing a fast and easy way to accomplish this."

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Controlling Your Process at the Point of Manufacturing is Your Key to Success!