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Top Quality Assurance Expert Endorses InspectionEasy™

APRIL 2009 - Don Day, President of Tec-Ease, Inc. is one of America's foremost experts on quality assurance issues, with particular expertise in GD&T matters. Said Day, "Inspection Easy. At last, an easy way to create Inspection Plans and incorporate the part print. Day adds, "The standards are clear that the intent of the drawing is to capture “design intent”. A separate document should be generated to the Inspection Plan. Thank you for providing a fast and easy way to accomplish this."

Don Day is a national Quality consultant, Sr. GDTP. Member of y14, Y14,5, Y14.5.2. and Professor Emeritus, MCC. Don Day is President of Tec-Ease
InspectionEasy™ News Release for Trade Publications - 

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InspectionEasy™ Launches EnterEasy®

EnterEasy® is added to furthermore speed up your inspection process and lead to less chance of error. 

InspectionEasy™ partners with SpaceClaim Engineer

InspectionEasy_SS is our latest release and it can be run inside SpaceClaim Engineer to inspect and report on any 3d cad models.
It can seamlessly switch between 2d pdf and 3d cad and a partnumber can contain both a pdf and a cad model.
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We are a distributor for SpaceClaim Engineer